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Our mission

We are running as a 100% kiwi-owned company. The founder Richard had worked 4 years for TradeMe – A Kiwi logo company, as a senior quality assurance engineer. Previously, Richard had worked in Siemens and Nokia as a senior QA for more than 12 years. Quality is the first thing in our mind. We know what’s kiwi really want, a solid, good quality e-bike at an affordable price.

E-Biking is more than transportation or exercise, it’s a lifestyle. 

Fast transportation
Decreased body fat levels
Reduced anxiety and depression

Our history

When Richard hung out in Auckland street, he found the ebike looks so nice. But he’s shocked when I checked the price in any ebike shop. Do we really want to pay extra money for some feature which we don’t really want? He tried to find his own solution. 

After 2 years, Richard found a balanced ebike configuration. Not so expensive, but really good quality. So we choose the second e-bike motor brand in China -Xiongda; Giant dual-sided brakes – good quality without oil leaking problem; same factory for Suntour front fork – good suspension; solid frame; battery with good quality. 

During the time to get redundancy from TradeMe, July 2020, Richard started Kiwiebike business and website.

Our facilities and features